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Lunch and Learn Registration

To register for the November 3rd Lunch and Learn, please call the Asian Center at (402) 477-3446. However, you are welcome to show up on this day without having registered. You may pay in person the day of the lunch, or pay via the link below:

The ACCC is Having a Computer Crisis!

Help us raise money to update our computer lab and better serve the community!

All of the computers at the Asian Community & Cultural Center are either dead or dying! Most of them are over ten years old, leaving us with five barely functional PCs for a staff of ten. The computer lab is now a technology graveyard, with zero working computers. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

We do important work every day serving a potential 10,000 immigrants and refugees in Lincoln, eastern Nebraska, and western Iowa. The bulk of this work involves electronic documents and we no longer have the computer capacity to meet the demand. We can't translate everything we need to translate or help the youth in our community fill out financial aid forms. We can't develop English lesson plans and worksheets. We can't easily collaborate on grant proposals, office reports, or any of the things we rely on to fulfill our mission.

The computer lab has been a crucial resource for teaching youth, senior citizens, and domestic abuse survivors how to use computers and the Internet. It also gives the people we help access to invaluable learning tools available on the Web. People expect it to be available and we want to make sure they leave happy.

All of our equipment is so old that upgrading it isn't viable. We need new computers and software now, and we need your help to do it. Please donate today so we can bring the ACCC into the 21st century and continue to do our best work on behalf of you and our community.

Photos from the Harvest Moon Festival

Internship Positions

The Asian Center is offering non-paid, part-time internships in four core areas: marketing, grant writing and resource development, program development and support, and website and social media development. Please see descriptions of each position below.

Marketing Internship

Grant Writing and Resource Development Internship

Program Development and Support Internship

Website and Social Media Development Internship

To apply, please complete an application and send a resume to